Further examples of Arabs in popular culture are Muhammad Bachri, Clara Chori, Yusef Sayed, Mira Awad and Norman Issa. You can’t talk about the Arabs of Israel without mentioning Lucy Aharish: actor, journalist and TV reporter for the Israeli television. Aharish is a Muslim Arab who grew up in the Jewish educational system alongside Jewish children and young adults. Along the years she started as a symbol of Arab integration within the Israeli state, received high praise and recognition for her active efforts. This recognition peaked in 2015 when she was chosen to light the torch together with 12 other “breakthrough” individuals of Israel, for her patient and exemplary openness between different sections of Israeli society.

Even though the Arab population of Israel are considered citizens as any other, there still exists a constant tension between the Arab and Jewish communities. This tension remains for a few reasons: Many Arabs consider themselves as Palestinians and identify with the Palestinian struggle while opposing the Jewish sovereignty of the country. There also remains equality in some public areas, and the criticism towards Israel creates community conflict that endures. Having said that, all Arab citizens of Israel are free to express their opinions in the Israeli democracy as well as enjoy all the public service. To reduce community tensions various institutes were established throughout the years to foster patience and understanding to both sides. Shared activities such as sports, cultural activities and student gatherings are continually held in order to facilitate dialogue between both communities.