You will never believe how many different landscapes you will find is such a small country

The Israeli Seashores – An Oceanic Relaxation

Israel’s sunny beaches are most definitely one of the biggest attractions to the hundreds of thousands of tourists that visit every year. On its western shores Israel borders with the Mediterranean almost in its entire length, while on the east it borders with the Dead Sea, and in the south with the Red Sea.

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The Land of Israel despite its size offers visitors the opportunity to experience the desert, alongside forests, seas and lakes and mountains. The largest desert region in Israel in relative area size is the Negev Desert, located in the country’s south.

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Israel is a country that is topographically diverse in so many ways, including having an over abundance of valleys. These valleys spread from the very northern parts of Israel down to the south, and can be very different in its geographic, plant and wildlife attributes from one another.

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