As proper for its nickname – the “Startup Nation” – there are over 4,000 startup companies operating in Israel today. In 2014, a banner year Israel broke all records: over 70 public issues of Israeli companies for the total amount of 15 billion US dollars. The data shows that Israeli startups are being acquired faster than any other startups, and the average time between startup and acquisition stands at 3.95 years. Furthermore, Israel is a highly rated country in being trusted by investors, second only to the United States. The reasons for this success are numerous. A book by Shaul Singer and Dan Sahnur published in 2009 analyzed this success in an interesting manner. The authors focused their analysis based on three hot Israeli startups:


Sisense – Created by three IDC graduates this start up deals with analyzing and visualization Big Data. The startup creates reports and displays complex analyzed information in a very simple and user friendly manner. The startup uses cloud technology that can deal with business systems such as Microsoft and Oracle, and compresses information into a very accessible package. The company has already raised over 45 million dollars in investor capital, and is projected to become a leading force in the Big Data market for years to come.


Bill Guard – Specialists in the financial sector and offers its customers financial security that includes constant monitoring of credit cards. The company defines itself as the “Anti-virus of banks” and aspires to become the next standard of the industry. The company’s smart algorithms allow nonstop monitoring of accounts, and already managed to raise over 70 million dollars from investors. Amongst the list of investors is Eric Schmidt – chairman of Google.


Taboola – How many times have you finish reading an article on some website, where at the end you’re offered to read more similar articles? Most likely the algorithm that offered you these articles belongs to one of two main players in this field, both Israeli companies, and one of them is Taboola. This content based advertisement is now present in almost every mainstream website. The company has raised over 150 million US dollars, and was chosen second in the EMEA Technology Fast 500 due to its rapid climb in worldwide usage. In that ranking of companies – alongside Taboola – are another 21 startups from Israel. A small glimpse into sites and magazines such as Forbes, TechCrunch, INC and Business Insider will reveal a unique reality where Israeli startups are on every significant ranking list. Startup nation indeed.