Children’s’ activities in Israel

During summer or winter, in Israel you can find many activities for children and for the whole family. These activities can be indoors, outdoors, in a playground, in nature, at the beach or in the mountains.

Amusement parks and water parks

In Israel you can find amusement parks for different ages, in addition to amusement parks that have roller-coasters, Ferris-wheels, bumper cars and more such as the “Lunapark” and the “Superland”. You can find amusement parks for toddlers such as the “Jymboland” that is located between Netanya and Hadera and covers an area of more than 700 Sq. M. or “Beit Halomotai” in Givat-Brener. In addition to amusement parks there are also many water parks for children or for that matter the whole family. The largest and best known are the “Meymadion” in Tel-Aviv, the “Luna-gal” in Tiberias and the “Ashkeluna” in Ashkelon. Additional details can be found on the parks websites:,,

Science museums

If you wish your child to benefit from an educational, academic experience choosing one of Israel’s science museums will be the right choice. Israel is known for its science and technology and as such it promotes science for young people. These include, among others, the Madatech (The Israel National Museum of Science, Technology, and Space) in Haifa, the Bloomfield Science Museum Jerusalem, and the Carasso Science Park in Beer-Sheva.


Additional details can be found in the following websites:, and

Zoos and petting areas

The experience of nature can be achieved by visiting one of the great zoos of Israel: the “Safari” in Ramat-Gan and the “Biblical Zoo” in Jerusalem which includes the largest collection of animals mentioned in the Bible. In addition to zoos, one can find all over Israel hundreds of petting areas & animal areas that offer direct contact with animals. In these places children can meet domesticated animals, wild animals, birds and reptiles and hear explanations, care for animals and see them in their environment. Additional details can be found in the following websites:,


In Latrun, on the way to Jerusalem, you will find a “mini Israel “ – spanning an area of about 60 Dunum – this is a park that exhibits about 385 models and replicas of Israel’s structures and scenery. The park is designed in the shape of the star of David and is divided into six main areas: Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, Haifa, Southern Israel, Northern Israel, The center of Israel and a general model area. Among the models one can find about 10,000 figures, each hand painted, about 1,000 cars, trucks and buses, approximately50 boats and airplanes and 3 trains. For additional details go to

Beach and Sea activities

As befitting a beach country, Israel offers various and varied beach and sea activities. In addition to spending time with the kids on the beaches of Israel, dozens of surfing courses are offered to children as young as six years old. Surf clubs such as “The Israeli Surfing Club” or “TOPSEA” offer you group courses, individual classes and even surfing camps. If you arrived in Eilat, diving with dolphins can be a meaningful experience for your child. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit the “Dolphin Reef” situated in the southern beaches of Eilat.

Picking your own fruit

Israel has a huge agricultural heritage and apart from the traditional agricultural farms that exist today, many settlements and kibbutzim have fruit-picking activities for the whole family. Fruit-picking activities can include picking of sour-cherries, raspberries and blackberries in June, nectarines, pears, apples and figs in August, strawberry picking in the spring and summer months and grape picking with picking tools. In addition to the fruit-picking activities include workshops, baking courses etc.

Children museums

In addition to the activities intended for youngsters in the children’s departments of the big museums such as the Israel Museum, Tel-Aviv Museum, Haifa Museum or the Petah-Tikva Museum, in Holon there is a museum whose goal is to convey educational themes by means of experiential adventures the kids can embark on at the museum. The museum consists of two main pavilions: one intends to engender in the child sensations, feelings and thoughts, and the other offers the child experiencing life’s cycles of everyday life. Inside the pavilions there is a variety of programs that offer the child fairy tales and tales of adventure, each track has a unique story that is revealed through the active involvement of the children during the tour. For additional details go to:

Theatre performance for children

In Israel almost every weekend during the whole year there are theatre performances for children. These are varied and different and include not only popular Israeli stories but also present famous children celebrities such as: “Confused Yuval”, “Little Michal” and Rinat Gabai.