Entertainment, fun and pleasure in Israel

Whether you have chosen to tour Israel for religious, business or private reasons, the supply of possibilities that are open to you is enormous. You will be surprised to find out that in this tiny country you can find everything: countryside, nightlife, beaches, mountains, museums, history, restaurants and many other attractions. Besides the beauty of Israel’s nature, Israel offers opportunities for fun and pleasure for every age, of all types and during all hours of day and night.


Israelis celebrate life every day. It may have to do with the way they cope with security concerns or the character of residents, but one cannot explain the joy that many Israelis emanate – despite difficulties, more than 70% of Israelis define themselves as happy people. This happiness with life is expressed in many ways, including Israel’s nightlife. Many bars, restaurants, clubs and outdoor establishments for performances abound everywhere.. The leading city in the nightlife field, or as it is often known as the nonstop city, is Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv is a microcosm of the world – the hottest trends in fashion, culinary, music, design and art field, everything arrives and happens there. If you have chosen to visit Tel Aviv in June, don’t miss the White Night, an event in which the whole city celebrates well into the night – restaurants, bars and live performances by the municipal council throughout the city. If you arrive in the summer months, don’t miss out on having a cold drink facing the beaches in one of the summer clubs If you like live performances, pay a visit to the Barbie or Ozen Bar Club, to see Israeli artists who bring contemporary, independent, quality music to Tel Aviv – who hasn’t heard of Asaf Avidan, maybe one of the most appreciated artists in the world today, who started his career in clubs..


In Israel, the most popular sports are soccer and basketball. While the local league is no match for international ones, Israeli basketball, particularly the Maccabi Tel Aviv team, has been a success in Europe. Maccabi Tel Aviv in basketball is one of the leading teams today in Israel, and has won more than six European cups. They say that watching a Maccabi game is an impressive experience and that the atmosphere on the court is yellow (the team’s colors) and electrifying. If you are interested in other sports, such as swimming, tennis, sailing, martial arts or athletics, you can find these in Israel too. And if you choose to work out for fun, you can do so on the beaches, in the many parks or in one of the outdoor facilities built on city streets for independent use.


Many festivals of different types are held in Israel. Often they are held during religious holidays or in the summer months. Sometimes they are identified with one city or geographic region, a musical genre or artistic theme and are intended for the entire family, for youth and adults. They can be held in the countryside or in cities, indoors or outdoors – the certain thing is that somewhere in Israel’s something is happening. Well known festivals in Israel include: the Red Sea Jaz Festival in Eilat, which as its name suggests is an international jazz festival; the Reggae in the Desert Festival, the Science Festival of the Weizmann Institute of Science, the International Students’ Films Festival, the Icon Science Fiction and Fantasy Festival, the Karmiel Dance Festival, the OSHO and Meditation Festival and many-many others.


As we have mentioned earlier, food is an important aspect of Israeli culture – a symbol of hospitality, company, and peace. The melting pot of Israel that has linked many immigrants from different cultures and countries has led to the formation of a rich, diverse cuisine that is filled with flavors, colors and scents. You can find many dishes with European and Arab influences that merge in one dish into a sensory experience. You can visit farms in the north and south, ecological farms, makers of boutique wine, olive, cheese and other quality products. These may be found nationwide and characterize certain regions. The Ella Valley on the way to Jerusalem will offer you a range of unique wines, Galilee and the Golan Heights will offer you, besides quality wines, cheeses and olives. And the many restaurants will provide you with quality food, the likes of which you have never tasted anywhere else. If you wish to try out a large number of dishes or wines, you can enjoy a great supply of food festivals, such as: the Jerusalem Wine Festival, a wine exhibition offering more than 160 different wine types, the Chocoland, the chocolate festival and the Tastes in the Valleys Festival in Jezreel Valley. At this festival you will get an opportunity to taste some of the best produce of small wine and food vendors in the valley. There are many other festivals and we recommend you check them out on the website.

Amusement parks

Israel is a country that offers many options for leisure for the whole family. Besides the many festivals, many of which appeal to families, there are cultural events devoted to children, along with amusement parks, zoos, science museums and more, which are all intended for the whole family. The two largest amusement parks in Israel are the Luna Park and Superland. These offer roller coasters, Ferris wheels, bumper cars and other rides. In Eilat, there is the City of Kings, a unique experience that tells biblical stories using advanced technology, a roller coaster, water rides, films and other fun filled activities. Besides amusement parks in Israel there are also many water parks where you could retreat from the hot days. Leading ones include the Meymadion in Tel Aviv, the Luna Gal in Tiberias, Ashkeluna in Ashkelon, the Shefayim Water Park, which has more than 23 water slides, in Kibbutz Shefayim, the Yamit Water Park in Holon and many others.