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The tour offered here is a tour that is scheduled to last ten days, with the aim of giving a visitor a glimpse and a taste of aspects of religion, urban life, the countryside and fun. Israel is a small country, just eight hours’ drive from north to south, and an hour and a half from east to west, but it is full of historical sites, sport activity and attractions of all sorts.

Day 1

From the airport, continue to Jerusalem, the capital of Israel and the holy city. You can start your visit at the Israel Museum, where you shall see a gigantic model of Jerusalem from the period of the Second Temple, the ancient Dead Sea Scrolls and enjoy modern and historical Israeli art reflecting cultural artistic activity in the country over the years. In the evening visit the Machane Yehuda Market; the market that by day offers fruit, vegetables, fish, meat and by the early evening becomes a meeting place for young people, filled with bars and restaurants. The most famous of these is Machaneyehuda, which has another establishment in London. Lodging in Jerusalem.

Day 2

The second day will be devoted to a tour of sites holy to Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Start the day at the old city with a reconstruction of the Via Dolorosa that Jesus took. At the end of the route, you shall reach the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, where according to Christian belief Jesus was buried and resurrected. Stop to eat at one of the local restaurants offering a range of tasty Mediterranean dishes and tour the market on your way to the Western Wall. The Western Wall is the exterior wall of the temple that existed in the first century and is the holiest place to Judaism. During religious holidays, this site is packed, and in September there are unique religious services there before the Day of Atonement. From the Western Wall, you can ascend to the Dome of the Rock and al Aqsa Mosque, which are sites that are holy to Islam. This requires advance arrangements. You can end the day at the Mount of Olives, which is near the old city, to watch the sunset. Lodging in Jerusalem.

Day 3

You begin the third day at the Knesset of Israel, which is open to the public on Thursdays and Sundays. From there, continue to the beautiful building of the Supreme Court. The impressive Yad Vashem Museum is a next stop near the Supreme Court site that you should visit. This is a unique experience that gives an in-depth view of one of the best known periods in human history. At the end of the visit to the Yad Vashem Museum continue to the Dead Sea. On arriving at it’s shores you can take a dip in the waters and enjoy its unique properties. Spend the night in the Dead Sea area in one of the Kibbutzim or hotels along its shores. Lodging in the Dead Sea area.

Day 4

If you are an early bird, don’t miss the experience of watching the sunrise from Masada, one of the best known sites in Israel. Whether you have seen the sunrise or not, visit Masada, to listen and learn the story of this unique place – a story that many consider to be a Jewish story of heroism. The site has a museum and guided tours that will give you a glimpse of the lives of the Jews during the Roman siege of Masada. At the end of the visit, continue to Mitzpe Ramon. On your way, pass through Hamakhtesh Hagadol, the great crater, which is by the town Yeucham. This carter is unique and breathtakingly beautiful, in every season, but particularly in the winter. Ascend to the observation point above the crater at Mount Avnon at the entrance to Yerucham. Arrive at Mitzpe Ramon as evening falls and watch the sunset from Camel Mountain, overseeing one of Israel’s most beautiful natural sites.

Day 5

Start the morning with a tour of the Ramon visitor’s center, where you have an exciting observation point overlooking the crater. You can learn how the crater was formed and get information on events in the region. If you are a good walker, you can take walking tours of nearby sites lasting several hours. Please consult in advance and dress according to weather conditions. If you are not interested in touring on foot, you can visit Avdat – a major city from the Nabatean period (the third century BCE), containing many archeological findings, including a holy ritual square, a residential quarter and a watch tower. From there, continue to Kibbutz Sde Boker to visit the hamlet of Ben Gurion, the founder of the State of Israel. There are tours and workshops at the site and you can see the hamlet just as Ben Gurion left it upon his death in 1973. From Kibbutz Sde Boker, continue the journey towards Be’er Sheva; stop on the way to see the Negev monument; a unique monument that was designed by Israeli architect Dani Karavan, which besides being a monument is also a landscape site. We shall continue towards Nazareth in Israel’s north. Lodging in Nazareth.

Day 6

Visit the Church of the Enunciation and the old city of Nazareth. Enjoy the market and the good cuisine that is available throughout the city. From there continue towards Tiberias where you can visit Capernaum and Tabgha Valley, a holy site where the miraculous catching of fish occurred according to Christian belief. Afterwards you can enjoy one of the Sea of Galilee’s beaches and sea sports on such as sailing, personal watercraft rides, water skiing and more. Lodging in the Tiberias area of Safed.

Day 7

In the morning go to the town of Safed, one of the four cities holy to Judaism, which besides being a holy city is picturesque with exciting views that has attracted many artists in the past. There are often prayer services at the graves of holy Jewish people who are interred in the oldest cemetery in Israel. These services are held throughout the day and night and it is an impressive sight to see the throngs of people coming to receive a blessing and good fortune. We recommend spending the night in one of the guestrooms in the Galilee region. Lodging in Galilee.

Day 8

The eighth day is devoted to satisfying your culinary needs. Galilee is full of makers of wine, olives, cheeses and other boutique products. The region, which is filled with many agricultural farms, offers unique flavors from the Israeli cuisine. You can take a winery tour only or combine wineries with other visits to food producers. The Dalton Winery is one of the most famous in the region and is located above the town of Safed, another must visit is Ein Camonim famous for its cheeses that are made on site We recommend spending the night in Haifa.

Day 9

Begin the day with a visit to the Bahai Gardens, one of the prettiest places in Israel. The gardens, which are spread along the Carmel slopes, have been created with precision and beauty and look as though they have been taken from a painting. From the peak of the gardens you have a view of Haifa Port and the large freighters that sail in and out of the inlet. At the bottom of the Bahai Gardens is the Wadi Nisnas neighborhood, populated by Jews, Christians and Muslims who live together in peaceful coexistence and tolerance. Visit Beit Hagefen – an Arab – Jewish cultural house that offers activities and shows joint exhibitions of Jewish and Arab artists on various subjects. You can also visit the Haifa Museum. At the end of the day in Haifa we continue towards Tel Aviv. Lodging in Tel Aviv.

Day 10

Begin the morning in Jaffa Port in one of the many cafes and restaurants on the Mediterranean shore. Enjoy the famous Israeli breakfast. From there, continue along the beach promenade for a tour of Neve Tzedek, which is filled with unique stores, stylish homes and visited by many young people. The way from Neve Tzedek to the central streets of Tel Aviv – Dizengoff, Ben Yehuda and Allenby – pass through the Carmel Market, a market filled with local scents and colors. Have lunch there or enjoy the local Mediterranean cuisine. Take a tour of the White City, a name given to Tel Aviv due to its architectural style that once characterized it. Tel Aviv is the only city in the world with such a high concentration of buildings of this style (4,000) and many tours are offered around this theme. You can end the day with a drink on the beach while watching a magical sunset. Spend the night in Tel Aviv, but not before going out to one of the thousands of bars in the city.