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The Golan Heights is a region that is located on Israel’s northeastern side and features impressive mountain ridges, canyons, nature reserves, streams, waterfalls, cliffs and even volcanos. From a nature perspective, the territory is sparsely populated and is where fauna and flora flourish .Besides a wide range of flora, there are also many different genera of animals. While leopards and bears used to live in this region they have now died out, one may still find wolves, hyenas, wildcats and wild boar. Having been mentioned in biblical references, evidence of ancient settlements can still be explored here are dispersed around the Golan Heights as historical archeological sites. The Golan offers, alongside exciting views, farms, archaeological remains, field trips and many hiking trails. The characteristic lodging experience on the Golan Heights is diversified, and alongside prestigious hotels you can find rural lodgings based on a range of guestrooms that differ in quality and location. Most of these rural accommodations breathtaking, picturesque views combined with local food delicacies. Here are a number of recommended sites:
The Golan Trail
The Golan Trail, which crosses the Golan Heights from north to south, is about 120 km long, consisting of 15 stretches that are primarily suited for hikers, but in part for cyclists too. The trail itself passes through the Golan’s picturesque scenery, between popular routes and historical sites, and takes four to seven days to complete. You can choose to go on one or more stretches and plan the route according to your preferences and personal schedule.
Mount Hermon
Israel is a country that has plenty of sunlight and little rain, and snow is even rarer. Mount Hermon, at its northernmost part, is not just the highest nature reserve in Israel but also Israel’s ski site. Every winter, thousands of Israelis wait for the snow to accumulate on the mountain just to enjoy a few days of skiing. Besides its skiing site, the Hermon offers a number of footpaths inside the reserve and some exciting vistas.
Nimrod Fortress
Nimrod Fortress is the largest fortress in Israel from the middle ages. It was built in the thirteenth century as part of the region’s defensive efforts. Because of its strategic location among steep cliffs and the size of the fortress, it is visible from many places. You can visit the fortress and enjoy the breathtaking landscape and vast views of the region.
Beautiful landscape, nature and Jewish history combined – this is Gamla. The ancient city, whose archeological remains testify to its existence as a city that was destroyed during the great rebellion in the second temple period, is part of the Gamla Nature Reserve. During archaeological digs in the area, a synagogue, probably dating back from the Herodian period was uncovered. This is one of the most ancient synagogues in Israel.
Yehudia Forest Nature Reserve
The Yehudia Forest Nature Reserve covers about 66 square kilometers of rich flora and fauna. The structure of the reserve, like an extended hand, consists of five streams with running water and waterfalls: Meshushim Stream, Yehudia Stream, Daliot Stream, Zavitan Stream and Gamla Stream. The streams running along the reserve form impressive canyons with beautiful waterfalls through the basalt rocks characteristic of the region.
Hamat Gader
Hamat Gader is a recreation and medicinal bathing spa present since biblical times, and has served as an active site throughout history. The site has plenty of archeological locations including an ancient synagogue alongside Roman baths. The site, which has hot springs rich with minerals, offers the visitor a hotel, hot spas and activity centers for the family, including crocodile and animal petting farms.
Events and festivals
The Golan hosts a number of events and festivals throughout the year. The most famous is the Golan Moon Nights Festival, which is held in August, featuring live performances of many musicians alongside diverse nocturnal activities. The Olive Days Festival is held during the olive harvest and offers visitors an experience of flavors and scents through activities of the extensive olive industry.