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The Dead Sea is one of the most unique nature sites in the entire world its uniqueness is that its location is at the lowest place on earth, 427 meters below sea level, and its great wealth in natural resources such as groundwater, surface water and springs. The Dead Sea is renown around the world thanks to its many health benefits, in particular the salt content of the Dead Sea have been proven as an excellent source of treatment for many skin diseases. As such, the Dead Sea attracts many patients from around the world for its wondrous healing qualities. Due to its unique properties, the Dead Sea is a major tourist attraction that is a major influence on the local economies of many of the countries surrounding it. As a result the preservation of the Dead Sea area is a high priority for the surrounding countries such as Jordan and Israel as well as the Palestinian Authorities).

The Dead Sea is comprised of two segments, the north and south segments are separated by the Lisan Island, and, for the most part, the southern segments is mostly dry .The Dead Sea’s main tributary is the Jordan River that drains into the Dead Sea’s northern segment. The valleys and springs that flow in from both shores of the Dead Sea also contribute as key water sources for the region. In recent decades a decline in water levels has been occurring, due to natural dehydration, a lack of rainfall and usage of the water for the production of potassium, both on the Jordanian side of the Dead Sea as well as on the Israeli side. Israel and Jordan have since discussed the possibilities of developing a canal that would stream water from the Mediterranean and Red Sea into the Dead Sea. For now however, albeit supported by many, the beginning of such a project is not in sight.

The Dead Sea is a natural resource for many industries including agricultural fertilizer industry, Styrofoam. Additionally the construction industry also utilizes the Dead Sea primarily with the extraction of gravel, sand and silt (mostly on the Jordanian side). Nearly 50 factories are located in the vicinity of the Dead Sea, which, directly or indirectly provide raw materials to the cosmetic industry. China is one of the major consumer’s counties of the potassium that is produced from the Dead Sea. In 2011 the Chinese company ChiChina acquired one of Israel’s largest potassium manufactures and is now a major player in the development of the Dead Sea region.

For the tourist industry, excursions are available that combine guided tours of the region surrounding the Dead Sea including visiting the valleys and various water sources such as Ein Pashcha. A special are of interest is Kasser El Yahud, which according to the Christian faith, this is the place that John the Baptist immersed himself in the the waters of El Yahud.

Additional points of interest include walking amongst the Kumran archeological ruins, viewing the hidden chambers that produced the famous Dead Sea Scrolls, or just wonder at the sight of the Kibbutz Ein Gedi when can be seen blooming in the middle of the desert,.

The occasional tourist will no doubt earn an unforgettable experience for several reasons. First and foremost is being present in a typical desert environment emanating a tranquility that only the fusion of unique blue water coupled with the surrounding ancient lime stone hills can exude. The second reason are the luxurious hotels, premium hotels by any international standard that will be happy to pamper to all your needs and make your stay a sheer pleasure. The third reason coming in is to have contact with the waters and mud of the Dead Sea. Whether you want to float without effort atop the salty waters or smear yourselves with Dead Sea mud while enjoying its unique properties, you will not find another place like this on this planet.