Real Stories

Israel is combined of different people making it a place with many unique stories. We share some of the special stories to give you a glams of the Israelis magic

Start-up compnay founder

Most likely many have not heard of Uri Shabtai. However, all of you have most likely heard of Waze, the company he founded and which assists many drivers the world via their cell phones. Waze is a navigation application that is user based and utilizes real time information.

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The Kibbutz - an original Israeli creation

In 1910, a group of young adults decided to come together to form a type of communal town that did not exist until then.

The name “Group” was the one given to this community, which was supposed to fulfill the socialist vision upon which the founders were educated,

and which consolidated them into a group prior to their immigration to Israel.

The “Group” was the beginning of a form of settlement later to be known worldwide as the “Kibbutz.”

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Israeli Arab

Like all citizens in Israel, Arabs have their duties and privileges in education, medicine, culture, welfare and so on. Many Arabs study in Israeli education institutions and later work as doctors, lawyers, judges and in government and private sectors.

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