“New York and Ibiza Had a Beautiful Sexy Baby: They Called It Tel Aviv.” This was the headline of an article that appeared recently on the Huffington Post news website. One would be hard pressed to think of a better description for Tel Aviv, an ideal city for dedicated partygoers. The blend of the sea and beautiful beaches with the city’s fast pace and trendiness have turned Tel Aviv into a special metropolis where there is always something exciting to do. Nightlife in Tel Aviv is linked to the Israeli way of life where many people live for today, not for tomorrow, and where the atmosphere is saturated with a passion for enjoying life, with energy and with happiness. Every evening you will find another place where you can enjoy your leisure hours: restaurants, bars, nightclubs and theaters, and bustling streets and boulevards. Nightlife in Tel Aviv varies with the seasons: In wintertime most places of entertainment are indoors but, when springtime arrives, many places of entertainment are open along the city’s beaches, on the roofs of buildings, in charming courtyards and in temporary locations.


Places of entertainment in Tel Aviv are scattered throughout the city – from the Florentin neighborhood in southern Tel Aviv to Shenkin Street in the center of town and the harbor area in the north. In southern Tel Aviv you will find several superb nightclubs, such as Barby and Levontin 7. Along Tel Aviv’s main streets – Ibn Gvirol, Dizengoff and Ben Yehuda – there are primarily neighborhood bars, while, in the harbor area in northern Tel Aviv, you can find summertime nightclubs and numerous restaurants. A typical night on the town in Tel Aviv can start with a glass of wine as you watch the sun set, can continue with the opening of an art exhibition and can proceed to a fine restaurant from which you can then move on to close the evening with dancing until the early hours of the morning in one of the city’s famous nightclubs.


Tel Aviv offers many opportunities for all kinds of partygoers. In addition to the fashionable spots aimed at mainstream clients, you can also find bars and clubs aimed at the gay crowd. The hipsters among our readers can enjoy such escapist places as Hatachat, an underground bar and club that operates alongside Hatzimmer and Rococo. One of the city’s most exciting places, where Arabs and Jews can mingle with one another for a night out of dancing and sheer enjoyment, is Hana Lulu, which is located in Jaffa.


The Block is one of the best electronic music clubs in the Middle East. Every Thursday evening a top international DJ is featured and the result is a sensuous celebration of music, lively people and interesting experiences. Two trendy nightspots open every evening of the week are located at 99 Allenby St.: The lighting is low at the Cookies and Cream Bar, which targets members of the 35+ age bracket and which attracts an older Tel Aviv crowd; Tailor-Made, located in a courtyard, is a bar-restaurant that combines old and new, tranquility and bedlam, and a bar and the atmosphere of a restaurant. A somewhat secluded cocktail bar, Imperial, offers a range of special, unique cocktails prepared on the premises, as well as elegant Asian-style bar dishes. The 223 Bar is a trendsetter among Israel’s bars and apparently has become the city’s best unofficial school for bartenders. During the summer months (and, in the case of some bars and restaurants, during the winter season as well), you can enjoy a maritime blend of delicious food and great music at Shalvata, situated in the Tel Aviv harbor area, or at Clara’s on the Dolphinarium Beach. Whereas Shalvata attracts people who have been living in Tel Aviv for years, at Clara’s you will always find many tourists and young Israelis of both sexes celebrating until the early hours of the morning. If you are looking for a Middle Eastern bar, try TederShishko or Port Said, all of which are situated on Allenby Road.

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