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Top 10 Bars in Israel's main cities

  • Galilee

  • Tel-Aviv

  • Golan Heights

  • Haifa

  • Coastal Plain

  • Jerusalem

  • Negev

  • Dead Sea

  • Eilat



Golan Heights


Coastal Plain



Dead Sea


Tel Aviv is Israel’s business, cultural and financial center, but as a liberal secular city, it has also become its nightlife capital. Cafes, excellent restaurants, bars and clubs may be found throughout the city, offering every kind of experience. Reggae, pop, electronica, a young or older audience, whatever you look for, you can find. The most famous clubs in Tel Aviv are the Cat and Dog and the Block Club. The Cat and Dog is an electronic music club that was selected as one of the ten international killer clubs by the Red Bull international drink brand.

The club brings every weekend the best DJs in the world. Alongside it, with another style, is the Block Club, which is also an international music club where DJs appear from leading clubs in the world such as the Bergheim in Berlin. For each of these places, you have to arrive early in order to get in. If you are seeking a beach bar, the Shalvata and Clara are the most famous in the city, and if you prefer a Middle Eastern Bar, go to the Teder, Shishko or Port Said on Allenby Street.

Haifa and Be’er Sheva are university towns with many students, who in turn the contemporary, cool and idealistic venues with a young atmosphere. In Haifa you can find many places, including the Bordel – an anti-capitalistic ideology bar where patrons hang out mainly outdoors. But if you want to get to know many other bars, you can take a tour with the Haifa Pub Crawl, which offers a tour of leading bars in Haifa for a minimal fee.

Jerusalem, the holy city, is not always identified with nightlife. Until a decade ago, there was one of the best clubs in Israel called “Haoman 17”, which has since relocated to Tel Aviv. It would seem that in recent years there has been a change in Jerusalem’s nightlife, and the number of bars and clubs increases each year. Jerusalem has a very different character to that of Tel Aviv and as an international city and a focus for political activity attracts many diplomats and journalists. You can find people relaxing with a drink in a bar at the American Colony Hotel in East Jerusalem. One of the areas that has become interesting and that attracts many is the Machane Yehuda Market. When evening falls and the stalls in the market close, the streets empty of buyers and the night bars gradually open up. These attract a young, diverse clientele of merry makers, religious and secular, from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem alike, locals and tourists. A great admixture of people who make the whole experience more interesting.