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Beach, Another Word for Israel

Israel’s sunny beaches are most definitely one of the biggest attractions to the hundreds of thousands of tourists that visit every year. On its western shores Israel borders with the Mediterranean almost in its entire length, while on the east it borders with the Dead Sea, and in the south with the Red Sea. This plethora of beaches is unique, and allows those who visit Israel to experience a set of different aquatic settings. Not all of the beaches have free access, some are privately owned and require an entrance fee. However, there are enough regulated beaches to cater to both the local demand as well as to those visiting the country.


The Mediterranean coast stretches for 196 kilometers long while that of the red sea stretches for 14km.Starting from the beaches of Naharia in the north, and down to the Zikim beach in the south, there is a beach to answer any and everyone’s desires. Be it beaches for viewing a romantic sunset together with your loved one, or a popular tourist beach to hang out with your friends. Adjacent to most of the urban beaches you will find hotels, restaurants, as well as shopping and entertainment centers. Here is a list of the most well-known, and most frequented beaches in Israel.


1. The Beaches of Tel-Aviv

Most of the Tel-Aviv beaches are but a short walk from the city center. As a major tourist destination, the city maintains well-kept and catered beaches. Here you can find many bars, restaurants and places to hang out. If you want to feel like a local then you must learn the names of the different beaches and what kind of population each one caters to. At Metzitzim Beach you will find a little bit of everything, this is a well-known beach that received its name after a cult movie from the 70s. Most of the cities young adults prefer its northern end, while the southern end is more adapted for families and the elderly. Gordon Beach is crowded from dawn to dusk with people, while the senior citizens of the city come here in the early morning to workout. Tel Baruch Beach is a rather clean and organized beach appreciated by many families. In Frishman Beach you will mostly find locals. Nordau Beach is famous for being adjacent to many of the restaurants and hotels. Hilton Beach is where surfers go to catch the waves, it is a gem of a spot and is the favorite of the gay and lesbian community.

2. The Beaches of Haifa

The beaches of Haifa are mostly regulated and well maintained, and offer a view of the gulf of Haifa and its surroundings. Daddo Beach is the most popular of them all, it is clean and well kept, and, while the municipality supplies many visitor services there no admission fee. The Student’s Beach, as its name implies, is mostly frequented by the students of the Haifa University and the younger inhabitants of the town. The Bonim Beach is another well-kept beach but finding it requires a bit more familiarity of the city. Carmel Beach is a regulated beach with an adjacent parking lot. Another quiet and serene beach is Hof Hashaket, right next to the Rambam Hospital. And the Bat-Galim Beach, a short walking distance from the Bat-Galim train station, is another well-kept beach to visit.

3. Caesarea Beach

For those who love isolated beaches, the Caesarea beaches are a great destination. These are very clean and mostly regulated beaches, some of which you may find remnants from the Roman era. Beach-Bar beach is a very pleasant and well-kept location, it is a pay-for-entry beach and is situated next to the Caesarea Archeological Park. This beach is open only during the swimming season in the summer. The Aqueduct Beach is located in the northern part of Caesarea, where remnants of the Roman water aqueduct are still visible. Come here to catch an amazing, romantic sunset.

4. The Beaches of Eilat

The Beaches of the Red Sea offer a different experience in comparison to the other beaches of Israel. Here, you will find the right sunshine to get that perfect tan, coupled with crystal-clear turquoise waters that attracted scuba divers from around the world. Hash’hafim Beach, beyond being clean and well-kept offers many aquatic sport activities catering to all age groups. The Golden Beach will give you the feeling of being in a postcard. Local favorite Papaya Beach is frequented by tourists from all over the world and ensures a feeling of total freedom. And if, what you are looking for is an experience out of this world then come to the Reef Beach for a swim with Dolphins.