It is so hard to decide what type of music to like , so many choices

Red Sea Jazz Festival

Israel’s southernmost city, Eilat, is synonymous, more than any other metropolitan center in Israel, with the word “freedom.”

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Live Music

Music genres in Israel take diversity to the extreme. As a melting pot of countless cultures, Israel is the home of music from around the world, of every type: from classical music to jazz, Israeli rock and electronica, from Yemenite music to Hassidic music.

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Singers in Israel

Israel is home to any kind of music genre you can think of, all styles and adaptations ranging from ethnic to classic and from soft to heavy, as well as avant-garde rock, there are representatives of everything you can think of.

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Mediterranean Music

Mediterranean music is a generic description for music that comes from Middle Eastern countries. But this description does injustice to the music, because it is just as complex and diverse as the Jewish world that has brought it: Turkish music fuses with Greek, Egyptian differs from Moroccan, Iraqi and Yemenite styles have no resemblance to one another.

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