Learn A Hobby

Want to take a part of an Israeli lifestyle, start by learning some Hebrew, Arabic or maybe some surfing …

Learning Hebrew

Hebrew is the official language of Israel, spoken by most of its inhabitants. Beside Israeli residents, there are also many Jews living abroad that speak Hebrew as a second language.

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Learning Arabic

The Arabic language is that of the largest minority group living in Israel, and is considered an official second language after Hebrew. Every traffic and advertising sign in Israel will also include the Arabic translation, and the language is also studied in most secular Jewish schools.

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Folk Dance

Israeli folkloric dances, or folk dances, as they are known, symbolize much in a culture. They shape and represent culture, personality, emotions, religion and nationality.

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As a country that is located on the coastline of the Mediterranean and the Red Sea, water sports including surfing are some of the most widely played water sports in Israel.

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