Fashion & Beauty

We want to help you understand how is it possible that Israeli women & men are considered to be extremely beautiful

Israeli fashion Innovation in Beauty

The Israeli fashion industry has undergone many transformations since the creation of the state of Israel, mainly paradigm shifts involving the women’s lifestyle, beauty care, as well as in the context of fashion. In the early days of statehood the typical Israeli held to a simplistic point of viewthat the dedication of time and resources for things like fashion was a decadent bourgeois concept.

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If you ask men around the globe whom they consider to be the most beautiful women in the world, you may receive and unexpected answer – Israel.  If you happen to read prestigious magazines you are bound to find articles covering tips and reviews about the uniqueness of the Israeli men. The question arises why such a small country is so plentiful with such beauty that captivates the hearts of so many?

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Fashion Technology

To understand the world of design in Israel, you have to look at it from the perspective of the country and of design within the business world. Design in the process of product development and manufacturing has become significant.

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