Israeli cuisine is one of the most fascinating in the world because it combines Eastern and Western traditions. The fusion of East and West without any commitment to certain ground rules creates fascinating combinations, delicious dishes and a unique culinary experience. Although there are many excellent restaurants throughout Israel, Tel Aviv appears to be Israel’s culinary capital: With very “in” restaurants, the hottest trends in the world and terrific food, Tel Aviv is a place for culinary experiences and experimentation, which you can find in street stalls, in latest-trend restaurants and in chef restaurants.


One of Tel Aviv’s hottest spots in the winter of 2016 is Yahaloma in the Harbor (Yahaloma Banamel), which is located in the Tel Aviv harbor area and which was founded by Yahaloma Levy, a successful businesswoman who decided to make a career change and to become a chef. Five years ago, she opened a small spot in southern Tel Aviv. The move to the new location in Tel Aviv harbor near the city’s coastline and the local food served there turn every visit into a unique experience. You can find Tel Aviv’s bohemian community in Joz ve Loz. There, under the leadership of a young chef, Ido Kramsky, the first male chef to head the restaurant since it opened 12 years ago, you can enjoy Israeli food that displays a deep love for different Asiatic flavors. Despite all the new restaurants in Israel, Joz ve Loz continues to be one of the country’s most interesting and most unique restaurants.


One of the city’s most beautiful eating establishments serving fresh, delicious and special Israeli cuisine is the Delal Restaurant in the Neveh Tzedek neighborhood. Headed by chef Golan Gurfinkel, the restaurant offers a lovely menu with delectable Mediterranean flavors and aromas; the main dishes on that menu are meat, chicken, fish and seafood, pasta and an abundance of fresh vegetables. Adjacent to the restaurant, you will find a pastry shop that offers delightful cakes and pastries. Don’t pass the opportunity to sit down to breakfast at Dalal.


Shilo has been described by the food critic of the Haaretz newspaper as “one of Israel’s top restaurants” and it is very hard to quarrel with such a pronouncement. The restaurant, opened in 2006 by chef Sharon Cohen, serves excellent food where the main components are fresh fish and seafood and marvelous vegetables and herbs. Cohen, a Jerusalemite who returned to Israel from Barcelona to open Shilo, has not only imparted to the restaurant the principles of new Catalonian cuisine but also typical Catalonian enthusiasm and joy. The prestigious Herbert Samuel restaurant has a very tasty and precise menu that has been constructed by one of Israel’s most admired and most skilled chefs, Yonatan Roshfeld. Located on Tel Aviv’s coastline, the restaurant serves wonderful, but somewhat expensive, dishes.


In addition to its many restaurants and chef restaurants, Tel Aviv also has a wide range of eateries offering delicious local dishes that must be visited. Hummus Abu Hassan is one of them. This is one of the country’s most famous hummus spots. The main branch is adjacent to Jaffa Port. Every Friday you can meet at this hummus eatery dozens of diners enjoying a local culinary experience. The best shakshuka and the best shawarma in Tel Aviv are to be found at Dr. Shakshuka’s, owned by Bino Gabso. Situated in the city’s flea market, Bino’s restaurant is a culinary attraction for both tourists and locals. If you are looking for scrumptious sandwiches, you must visit one of Tel Aviv’s culinary secrets – Etsel Herzl, which is located at 51 King George St. At this family-owned sandwich shop you can ask Herzl or another member of his family to make you a vegetarian or meat sandwich, where only fresh raw materials will be used.