Now in its 12th consecutive year, the Jerusalem Beer Festival, founded in 2004, is held annually in late summer in Israel’s capital. It is the country’s largest beer festival. The festival is a wonderful, refreshing way to celebrate the end of Israel’s hot, steamy summer, which is characterised by many events and large crowds of tourists.


The Jerusalem Beer Festival is a paradise for thousands of beer lovers with over 120 beer manufacturers – local and international – participating in the festival and offering an extensive, unique range of beers from well-known, leading international breweries and from local boutique breweries that will give visitors the opportunity to taste special, quality beers.


The festival is one of the major events of the beer industry in Israel and brings together most of the major breweries for a celebration of flavours, music and aromas, drawing thousands of beer enthusiasts and consumers from around the country annually. The Jerusalem Beer Festival is not only for those who love popular beer brands but also for those who love trying unusual flavours. At the festival, visitors can taste beer with unique and rare flavours such as honey, coffee, banana, strawberry, cherry and caramel.


What beer brands will you be able to enjoy at the festival? There will be a variety of beers from major, well-known breweries as well as those produced by small, local, independent breweries. Among the world-famous labels, you will find Germany’s Erdinger, Ireland’s Beamish (winner of five gold medals at the Berlin Beer Festival), England’s John Smith, Scotland’s Belhaven, Belgium’s Barbar, the Czech Republic’s Staropramen, London’s Fullers London Pride, Duvel (Belgium’s flagship beer) and Paulaner, a German wheat beer regarded as one of the world’s finest. There will also be Israeli brands, such as Dancing Camel and Herzl Beer.


You can sit on the lawn and drink your frothy brew while watching energetic performances of the festival’s musical program. There will be performances by leading Israeli artists this year, such as the Hatikva 6 group, Mosh Ben Ari and the Pritzat Disc rock band. There are also DJ’s such as Ben David and Bar Levy who will blast away with fast-paced digital music.


In addition to the shows, there will be booths offering quality Mediterranean cuisine, while major pubs and restaurants throughout Jerusalem will offer a 15 percent discount to festival visitors. Among the bars and restaurants participating this year, there are Bolinat, Freddie Lemon (an artistic bar-gallery in the heart of the Mahaneh Yehuda marketplace), Eva (a small bar with a big heart also located in the centre of the Mahaneh Yehuda market), Bardak (a beer and pizza bar), Mantra, the Hatzaatzua Bar, Gabriela (a pub with a happy, music-filled atmosphere and a high-profile restaurant) and Even Juk (a culture club in downtown Jerusalem that emphasizes content and creativity), just to name a few.


The two-day festival will take place on August 31, and /September 1 at Independence Park in central Jerusalem from 6.00pm to midnight. Tickets can be purchased through the festival’s website.