Tips for travelling in Israel - Practical advice

Israel is undoubtedly beautiful and unique, where every trip is an exciting and special experience. We collected some practical tips to assist you during your stay in Israel:

Israel is a hot country, especially so in the summer and spring season. Even during winter and fall the Israeli sun can be scorching hot. Avoid travelling that requires long walking distances in the hottest hours of the day, and always take a hat and enough water for any trip, no matter how short.

Some areas in Israel should only be visited with a personal escort, for security reasons.

Before finalizing your flights it is advisable to check the Israeli calendar, in order to make sure that you are not visiting during a special holiday. This may some change of your plans.

There are special sales and various discounts to sites and museums that you can get via our “events” page.

Public transportation in widely available and easy to use. Make good use of it, it will make any trip significantly cheaper. Just remember that some means of transportation may not be available from Friday afternoon to Saturday evening.

In Israel it always prudent to check and compare the prices that are offered to you, where by other companies may be offering the same product.

Israel is a safe country to travel in. That being said, never leave your luggage unattended.


The great majority of holy pilgrimage sites for all three main religions in Israel can only be visited while being modestly dressed. Also important to know in advance is that you cannot enter with food, or use your mobile devices in any way while inside the sites.

Some religious neighborhoods also require such a dress code. These places are also best to be avoided during special holiday times – see tip #3 for clarification.

While planning your trip to Israel, keep in mind that many locations are completely closed during Saturday.

In most restaurants, the check does not include any service charge or tip. Paying for service can range from 10 to 17% of the total price of the meal.

Most dining locations in Israel are kosher. This means that some types of food are therefore forbidden, such as pork and sea fruits, as well as any meal that would combine meat with dairy products.

  1. If you decide to travel alone please notify someone of your plans and estimated return date or time, such as your hotel reception or the resident tour guide.

For those who consider visiting Eilat, checking domestic flights is highly recommended, as the flights to Eilat are relatively cheap and will save valuable travelling time.

Try to experience the large variety of cuisine available in Israel, such as Israeli, Turkish, Arab and other regional cuisines. Ask your hotel clerk for some tips.

If you suffer from specific allergies or are sensitive to certain foods, it is important to notify your trip companions, and your local guides.

Baggage security checks are common before entering many public locations, please understand this in advance and understand that this practice is for your safety.

When using a taxi service, always agree on a price before starting your trip..

When traveling outdoors on a sunny day, or out to the beach, please use a quality sunscreen lotion to protect your skin.

It is not recommended to buy archeological relics or artifacts from unknown sources. Buying unsanctioned relics is illegal in Israel.

When visiting any Arab market in Israel, always haggle for the best price. This is a common cultural practice, as the sellers will always start with a high price while expecting you to haggle them down. Enjoy it as part of the cultural experience.

People in Israel will generally be happy to help you with any questions, so you do not need to feel ashamed to ask anyone in the street for help in any matter.