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Church of the Holy Sepulchre

One of Christianity’s most important monuments, the site lies just shy of the some of the most important stops along the Via Delarosa, the walk Christ took on his way to his crucifixion. The Church of the Holy Sepulchre is considered the last stop of his walk and the place of his crucifixion. A place is identified as the hill of Golgotha. According to tradition the tomb of Christ lies in the middle of the building.


The City of David

The city of David grants a vision of a 3000 year old history of a city that was founded by David the king of the Jews. The city was founded in order to unite the 12 tribes of Israeli into one nation. It is possible to visit the Siloam tunnel that led water into the city and all can enjoy the wonder of a thousand year old architectural wonder.


The Temple mount

One of the most important locations in the world, The Temple mount is the name for a vast complex that used to house the temple of the Jews and atop which, today stand the Golden dome of Al Aqsa mosque, this the most holy of places for Judaism and the third to Islam. Some of the buildings on the Temple Mount date to the first century A.D. while some of the walls surrounding it (the Wailing Wall) originate from the original temple. The temple mount is one of the most sensitive places in the world, due to the great dispute surrounding it. It is definitely a must see, especially during sunset.


The Old City

The old city is the highlight of any Jerusalem tour, this is the meeting place of many faiths and religions. It is also the site of many historic events. Nothing compares to strolling down its streets to see how the city looked and functioned in antiquity. The city is divided into four quarters: a Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Armenian quarter and a tour to the city’s vibrant markets is invigorating.


Via Delarosa

The Via Delarosa is the route that according to the Christian belief was traversed by Jesus Christ on his way to his crucifixion. Starting from the location where he was tortured by the Roman troops, the route comes to an end at the location of his crucifixion on the hill of Golgotha. The route starts at the Lion’s Gate, passes through the Muslim quarter, and goes up to the church of the Holy Sepulchre. Many groups of pilgrims reenact the 14 stations long route, particularly the Franciscan monks who reenact the walk every Friday at 1500.


The Wailing Wall

The holiest location for Judaism, the Wailing Wall is the western segment of the wall that surrounded the Hordus Temple, the place to which the Jews directed their prayers for thousands of years, and where they lament the destruction of their temple. The compound is divided into two areas, the left side is assigned for men, while the right is for women. The dress code is strict and visitors should dress modestly. In recent years excavations discovered tunnels running below the wall. If you happen to visit during one of the important prayer days such as during the ten days of repentance, Sukkot or Passover, you will witness an extraordinary experience displaying full sanctity and devotion.


The “Citadel” or “Tower” of David

The tall Tower of David that rises above the wall is another of the Old City’s highlights and is famous in it’s own right.. Despite its name the tower does not originate from the time of David and there is no connection between it and the kingship. The tower was built at the time of Herod and was part of the fortifications of the city’s walls. All of the city’s occupiers had used it and it was the Ottoman Turks who built a mosque and a minaret within this compound. The Tower is home to a museum that depicts the history of the city. Often complex audiovisual shows definitely worth watching are screened.


Mount of Olives

A unique place that according to Jewish belief will be the place where the resurrection of the dead will begin following the arrival of the messiah. Located to the east of the Old City, it is home to a large Jewish cemetery in which are buried many historic figures. The Church of Mary Magdalene is situated at the foot of the mountain. Another church to be found here is the Church of All Nations and the place where, according to tradition is where Mary, mother of Jesus was buried.


Yad Vashem

Yad Vashem is a complex of museums that focus on the Holocaust of the Jewish people during the Second World War. Offering a deep and profound view of the tragedy it is an amazing experience for any person.