Israel is home to any kind of music genre you can think of, all styles and adaptations ranging from ethnic to classic and from soft to heavy, as well as avant-garde rock, there are representatives of everything you can think of. Israelis like to make a distinction between two mainstream genres that rule the scene, pop music which incorporates all the styles that are Western oriented, these can encompass music by local poets and composers, rock, pop and ballads. The other style is Mediterranean music that is influenced by the regions various ethnic communities such as Arab, Greek and Turkish tunes. A wholly independent style of music is the traditional religious Jewish music.


Some singers stand out in every style and command a commited fan base. Some have been recognized and acclaimed internationally. Amongst the latter you can find Ofra Haza, Rita, Ahinoam Nini, Idan Raichel and Ivri Lider. Other singers of the aforementioned style that are worth noting are Shlomo Artzi, Nurit Galron, Mati Caspi, Korin Alal, Hava Albershtein, Yehudit Ravitz and more.


For those who are on the lookout for a more upbeat melody there are many local singers such as: Rami Fortis, Aviv Gefen, Beri Saharof, Arkadi Duhin, Asaf Amdorski,Yizhar Ashdot, Ninet Taib, Shalom Hanh, Yirmi Kaplan and more. You can also find amazing bands such as: Mercedese Band, Infected Mushroom, Monica Sex, Nikmat Hatraktor, Lo Doobim, Hashlihim, Grey, and Computer Campto name but a few.


Other singers combine the various regional styles into popular tunes. Artists such as: Yehuda Poliker, David Deod, Ehud Banai, Evyatar Banai, Gidi Gov, Dani Sanderson, Kobi Oz, Rami Klienstein, Ariel Zilber, and others are renowned musicians in Israel.


Mediterranean music is greatly appreciated in Israel and many well-known singing personalities whose forte is this type of music such as: Kobi Peretz, Eyal Golan, Dudu Aharon, Sarit Hadad, Maya Booskila, and many more.


In the category of Jewish music singing personalities such as: Gad Albaz, Asaf Shefer, Dudu Fisher, Abraham David, Udi Davidi, Tzvi Zalbeski, and Avi Miller have a strong following of fans. You can also find many live shows by Hasidic Cleizmer bands during the Cleizmer festival in Safed.


There are many more singers and styles in Israel and you can find music for special tastes, be it rap, opera, trance, cover, tribute festivals and more. You need to stay in the loop to enjoy everything offered on the market, including visits by International singers and guests. Music is truly alive and well in Israel.