If you ask men around the globe whom they consider to be the most beautiful women in the world, you may receive and unexpected answer – Israel. If you happen to read prestigious magazines you are bound to find articles covering tips and reviews about the uniqueness of the Israeli men. The question arises why such a small country is so plentiful with such beauty that captivates the hearts of so many?

The answer may lie in the origins of Israel. Being a meeting point for civilization, Israel serves as a melting pot for beauty. The European Jewish descendants that had come to Israel were characterized by fair skin, blonde hair and a tall stature. The eastern Jewish community that had immigrated to Israel were characterized by dark hair and eyes, tanned skin and a sturdy body build. The combination of culturally mixed couples, coming from different countries and continents is what has brought forth the Israeli beauty – not uniform yet exceedingly special.

Despite the casual dress of past eras, there was a growing awareness to beauty with many fashion columns commenting on this prior to and after the founding of the state of Israel. In 1950 the first ever “Israeli Beauty Queen” contest was held, an event which has since become a part of the yearly calendar and is still going strong to this very day. The beauty care culture did not skip Israel even during the austere economic climate just after the founding of the nation. The European Jewish community brought along an awareness to fashion and dress while that of the east brought with it a culture of beauty care that characterized many men: having full set of hair with oil, the use of perfumes, and shaving and meticulous care products. Although apparent mainly thriving in the cities it has been adopted across all of Israel in particular by Israel’s young generation today.

The beauty of both Israeli men and women became renowned in early 1960 with the appearance of such masculine icons as General Moshe Dayan or the singer Mike Brant and such feminine icons such as Tami Ben Ami and Ofra Haza. Throughout the years Israel has “Exported” the beauty of its men and women and these have received international acclaim. In 2007 the French magazine Stiletto dedicated a full issue to the Israeli man. The magazine, published throughout France, dealt with the various aspects of the Israeli man’s looks, together with their professional occupations. The magazine showed that besides the toughness that characterizes the Israeli man there lies a soft and inner beauty. The magazine chose to present artists, photographers, designers and chefs, most of whom are women that were born and raised in Israel.


In the international modelling world the Israeli beauty is represented by well-known women. Moran Atias, who lives in Italy works both as a model and an Italian TV newscaster. Gal Gadot, a model and actress has played a role in the “Fast and Furious” film series and has been chosen to serve as the international representative for Gucci Perfume. Of course the most famous and renowned of all is Bar Refaeli, a supermodel and former partner of Leonardo De Caprio continues to model and dons the covers of many international fashion magazines. Today she is part of an exclusive list of top international models. So what is the essence of Israeli beauty in fact? Some say that it is a combination between the ruggedness of the army coupled with the sweetness of summer.