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Science in Israel

Much has been said about the Israeli creative ability that doesn’t cease to amaze. One thing that characterizes the Israeli mind is “to think outside of the box” – almost an innate trait for the Israeli. Where others see problems, Israelis tend to find opportunities. The world would look completely different were it not for the Israeli scientific discoveries that have become an integral and natural part of our modern world. Be it varieties of vegetables that have a longer shelf life, drugs used to treat diseases in unconventional new approaches, or new ways to detect genetic defects, Israeli science is definitely in the forefront of the world scientific community.

Below is a short list of developments that are credited to Israeli companies:

1. A three-dimensional tracking system for mapping the movement of bound particles. Developed by three professors at Bar-Ilan University this system allows three-dimensional tracking of critical interactions of proteins, DNA and RNA in the cells of the body.


2. A genetic manipulation project of two professors hailing from the Faculty of Agriculture of the Hebrew University in Rehovot, who were the first to create the cherry tomato. This product is used today by most gourmet kitchens.


3. The TACount company, which is engaged in real time microbiology and has developed technology to enable the detection and enumeration of harmful microorganisms in minutes, replacing the conventional method of cell culture over several hours to several days. The technology is nowadays applied to drinking water, wastewater, pharmaceutical products and the food and beverage production.


4. Given Imaging Corporation, is a global leader in the development and marketing of patient friendly solutions for imaging and identification of gastrointestinal disorders. The PillCam is comprised of a tiny pellet encapsulate camera (aka endoscopic capsule), which enables the patient to “swallow” a camera as opposed to the unpleasant process of inserting a tube through the esophagus. The capsule has since become the gold standard for the visualization of the intestines by medical doctors.


5.  The Volcanic Research Institute of the Ministry of Agriculture and Agricultural Development aims in improving the sustainability of the agricultural production systems, introducing new products, processes and equipment. Most of the new Israeli developed products were developed within the institute and include products with a longer shelf life, products resistant to pests and droughts, products with varying colors, sizes, unconventional shapes and much much more.


6. Rosetta Green, an extension of the agro-biotechnology division of Rosetta Genomics. Using unique genes named micro-Rnathey are developing improved plant traits, for the agricultural and biofuels industries,


7. Transbiodiesel produce enzyme-based catalysts (biocatalysts) that are used to produce biodiesel.

8. WatchPAT is a portable device for treating sleep apnea and is used in sleep disorders clinics, and in patient’s homes.


9. EarlySense offers a continuous monitoring solution that allows nurses to remotely view and record heart rate, respiration rate, and the movement of patients using a non-contact sensor under the patient’s mattress. The system’s built-in tools include a wide range of reports on patient’s status, including warnings to prevent stumbling and prevention of ulcers.


10 . Mazor Robotics and other surgical robots are changing the shape of spine surgical procedures.


This list provides a basic glimpse into the fascinating world of scientific development in Israel that never stands still. In fact, it is considered that Israel is a leading nation in the field of scientific innovation, a surprising fact for such a small country with a small population.